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Welcome to CA Tax Relief


Service Areas:

  • Tax Resolution
  • Tax Strategy & Structure
  • Business Planning & Modeling
  • Board Advisor


  • BBA Loyola University of Chicago
  • Passed CPA Exam in 1973
  • Faculty Member Loyola University of Chicago
  • 5 Years Public Accounting
  • 23 Years Public Company CFO/COO
  • 16 Years Tax and Advisory Service
  • Church and Chamber of Commerce Treasury positions


Founder and CEO

Our Team Members

Experience to get the result you need

Elana Burnham

Service Areas:

  • Tax Resolution
  • Tax Preparation – Business, Individuals and Trusts
  • Bookkeeping – QuickBooks
  • Cost Report Preparation for Home Health and Hospice


  • 33 Years – Public Accounting
  • 23 Years – Tax Preparation
  • QuickBooks Pro – Platinum Advisor
  • Graduate – Cal State Fullerton – Business/Accounting
  • Established 3 Businesses – CPA Firm, Cost Report Preparation, and
    Business Consulting Services

Elana has established 3 successful businesses throughout her career including being the owner operator of a CPA Firm, a business consulting firm specializing in health care agencies and Burnham Consulting, Inc., which serves all business types.

Elana is a graduate of Cal State University of Fullerton with a major in Business Administration-Accounting.

Jim Prust

Service Areas:

  • Tax: trusts, estates, partnerships, individuals, real estate
  • Probate accounting schedules for court accountings, fiduciary accountings, and probate disputes
  • Special Needs Trusts fiduciary consulting and accounting
  •  Accounting services for small nonprofits


  • Graduate of Arizona State University
  • Passed CPA Exam in 1995
  • 8 years public accounting
  • 4 years tax manager for multi-national law partnership

Jim has a great deal of experience working with people with disabilities and their families. Jim understands the unique issues and requirements of special needs trust as well as the emotional aspect of preparing their accountings.

Jim began his career as a certified public accountant with public accounting experience specializing in the taxation of high-net-worth individuals, partnerships, s-corps, and real estate investments.

Janet Tejeda

Janet is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and handles numerous tax related matters including individual, corporate, business and real estate. With an MBA Degree and years of experience, Janet has served as a Controller for multi office medical clinics and medical spas.

  • Contract Accountant
  • Medical Clinics
  • Real Estate
  •  Track and Distribution Services
  • Tax, Corporate, and Personal
  • QuickBooks Expert

Antonio Vazquez

Antonio is a graduate of the University of Phoenix school of Business and has a Financial Planning certificate. Antonio is a CTEC-registered tax preparer with years of experience helping taxpayers obtain IRS compliance status. As the firm’s Director of Client Services, Antonio has a lifetime of experience developing outstanding customer relationships and is committed to helping taxpayers resolve their back tax issues.

  • CTEC-Registered Tax Preparer
  • Individual and Business IRS Tax Compliance
  • Director of Client Services
  • Customer Relations Specialist

Maria Araceli Zurita

Araceli has 15 years of tax preparation experience helping taxpayers with every aspect of their tax matters. As a bilingual practitioner, Araceli identifies and solves tax problems for Individuals, Businesses and Corporations with an eye toward maximum savings. As a contract Certified Public Accountant, Araceli understands the importance of IRS tax compliance.

  •  Contract Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Non Profit
  • Personal Service Businesses
  • Tax, Corporate and Personal

Brenda Amezcua

Brenda is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and has a Masters of Science in International Relations from the University of San Diego. Brenda specializes in helping business clients successfully resolve important tax and business matters. With outstanding communications skills and an eye toward detail, Brenda connects all of the important backend dots with the clients to ensure that all IRS and regulatory deadlines are met.

  • Payroll and Human Resources
  •  Professional Services Billing and Transactional Administration
  • Quickbooks Expert

Carla Morgner

Carla is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. With years of tax experience, Carla specializes in solving complex Real Estate issues and problems that can devastate taxpayers and their businesses. As a licensed real estate professional, Carla understands how important it is to remove IRS tax liens quickly and help clients save their homes, property and assets.

  • Tax Resolution
  • Contract Accountant
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment
  • Construction and Development Partnerships
  • JD Edwards
  • Tax, Corporate and Personal

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